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In October of 1904, Aaron Brown and eight of his friends founded Phi Delta Epsilon at Cornell University Medical College. During the first decade of this century there were many doors closed to Jewish medical students and physicians, doors which would not fully open until after World War II. In 1904, it was not uncommon for American medical schools to have quotas limiting admission of Jewish students, and medical fraternities. So Aaron Brown and his friends decided they would start their own fraternal organization, guided by the precepts of philanthropy, deity, and equity.

The success of the Cornell chapter soon led to the organization of other chapters in the East and Midwest. In 1918, Phi Delta Epsilon amalgamated with Alpha Phi Sigma, a medical fraternity organized in 1908, whose ideals and principles were similar to those of PhiDE. Its chapters were in the Midwest and West, making for an ideal union.

Following the amalgamation, the United States was divided into districts and, by 1930, enough members had graduated from medical schools allowing for the formation of graduate clubs. In 1926, an Endowment Fund was started giving the Fraternity long-term stability. In the 1940s the Aaron Brown Lectureship Program was begun and has remained a vital chapter event through the years.

In the late 1960s, the Fraternity opened its membership to women and encouraged recruitment of medical students of all races, nationalities and religious beliefs. The past 25 years have seen the Fraternity's membership become wonderfully diverse, reflecting the diversity of the medical profession today. The addition of the premedical affiliation in 1994 rounded out the Fraternity's membership, which now spans an entire lifetime of medical education and practice.

PhiDE celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2004 as a strong, vibrant, professionally directed organization headed for new growth and great excitement. The 21st century beckons us, and we continue operate under Aaron Brown's guiding principles of Philanthropy, Deity, and Equity.

Phi Delta Epsilon has grown from a small insular group to a diverse, all-inclusive organization. We have done this by making our motto live: Facta Non Verba, Deeds Not Words. And, indeed, we will continue to prosper, grow, and spread the warmth of our fraternalism into the future.

Our Principles



Equity and Education

Our Chapter

In 2010, Phi Delta Epsilon's Florida Gamma chapter was chartered at the University of Miami under the guidance of Roger Williams. Our chapter has nearly one hundred members today and continues to foster physicians of integrity with a lifelong commitment to our guiding principles. 

Our Motto

"Facta Non Verba, Deeds not Words" 

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As the President of our Florida Gamma Chapter, Alexander watches over all branches of the chapter while also acting as the organization's official

representative. Alexander is a junior majoring in Exercise Physiology. He joined the chapter in the spring of 2021 as part of the Chi class and served as recruitment chair before his sophomore year. After his term, Alexander was elected President in the fall of 2022.


As our Vice President of Programming, Aniya organizes all programming, social, and service events. She is a sophomore majoring in Health Sciences. Aniya joined our chapter in the Fall of 2021 as part of the Psi class. Aniya's experience in PhiDE began during her dedication as a external medical chair for the 2021 calendar year. She was elected as VPP in the fall of 2022. 

Vice President
of Finance

As our Vice President of Finance, Camille acts as the fraternity's treasurer while also organizing our philanthropy events. Camille is a sophomore majoring in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, and Spanish. She joined PhiDE in the Fall of 2021 as

part of the Psi class. Immediately after becoming a member, Camille became heavily involved with the chapter by serving as our AFS/SFTK finance chair. She was elected as VPF in the fall of 2022.

Andrea Monterrubio

As our Vice President of Recruitment, Andrea manages recruitment activities and focuses on maintaining a strong brotherhood within the chapter. Andrea is a junior majoring in Biology with minors in chemistry and American Sign Language and Deaf Culture. She joined PhiDE in Fall of 2021 as part of the Psi class. She previously served as the fraternity's recruitment chair. She was elected as VPR in the fall of 2022.


As our Secretary, Tyler is responsible for all chapter correspondence including taking attendance and minutes for chapter meetings. As risk management officer,

he is responsible for ensuring our chapter is following the Phi Delta Epsilon guidelines. Typer is a junior majoring in Neuroscience. He joined PhiDE in the Fall of 2021 as part of the Psi class and has served as our chapter involvement chair. He was elected as SRMO in the fall of 2022.

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Secretary & Risk
Management Officer
Vice President
of Recruitment
Vice President
of Programming


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