Our Mission

Our chapter organizes a variety of social and professional

events to facilitate our members' path to a medical career.



Along with the hemorrhaging workshop pictured below, our chapter hosts many more events including but not limited to: personal statement workshops, physician panels, medical student panels, IV/blood draw workshops, and interview workshops. Moreover, our largest programming event of the year is the annual Gelfand Lecture. Learn more about the Gelfand Lecture here.



Our social events include everything from semesterly retreats to bowling nights and a formal in the spring. We usually have weekly social opportunities to ensure that our members can take a break from their difficult coursework to spend some time with their fellow fraters.


Notable Events

Gelfand Lecture

Gabriele Donzella

As our Vice President of Programming, Gabriele organizes all programming, social, and service events. He is a sophomore majoring in Biochemistry & Nutrition.

Gabriele joined our chapter in the Fall of 2019 as part of the Tau class. Gabriele's experience in PhiDE began during his dedication as a service chair for the 2020 calendar year.

Contact Gabriele with any questions or concerns about chapter programming by emailing: 

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Gelfand pic.JPG

Hemorrhaging Workshop